Milliken University: Strengthening Innovation Through Continuous Learning

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” – Henry Ford

How do you empower your employees and teams to reach their full potential?   

Encourage and enable them to continuously learn.  

At Milliken, we believe continuous learning is essential for the individual success of our associates and the shared forward-looking perspective of our company.  

Our associates have an immeasurable impact on Milliken’s work. They bring our innovative spirit to life, envisioning new solutions to everyday challenges and enriching our communities and our world through intentional actions. In short, our associates fuel Milliken’s success.  

When associates achieve milestones in their professional development, it directly reflects not only the richness of our talent but also of our belief in challenging the status quo. These new skills and interests strengthen our potential as a diversified global manufacturer and help us push the boundaries of what Milliken products can accomplish. 

In this spirit, our Human Resources team is proud to advance our continuing education programs with Milliken University, an internal learning platform featuring online capabilities, which launched this spring. Milliken University pulls together wide-ranging resources to cultivate the talent and enhance the potential of Milliken associates across the globe. It is yet another exciting initiative to unite our associate communities and strengthen our progress towards our 2025 goals. 

Milliken University houses learning content centered on five sections that are vital to our company operations and aligned with our future business and workforce needs: sustainability, operations, leadership, business and marketing, and personal development.

Milliken University offers three types of learning:

  • Classroom learning, hosted virtually, to engage Milliken associates wherever is most convenient for them, as well as foster the engagement of live classroom settings in the midst of social distancing.
  • Online learning, centered on software training and soft skills development, to enable Milliken associates to bolster skills like communication, negotiation, and project management.
  • Self-study learning, curated by Milliken leadership, to enhance associate potential through recommended reading lists, online articles, podcasts, interviews, and more.

Here’s a sample of the inspiring content associates will find on the platform today:


Whether a newly discovered inspiration or solution, the continuous pursuit of learning, exploring, and challenging moves the world forward. It’s moving Milliken forward, too.