Advanced Reinforcement

Advanced Reinforcement

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advanced reinforcement

Benefits of Advanced Reinforcement

Our reinforcement fabrics and scrims offer:

High tensile strength

Tear resistance

Dimensional stability


Technical Materials for a variety of applications


Pressure Sensitive Tape

Woven, knit, and laid scrim options to provide strength, controlled tear, and compatibility with coatings and adhesives for tape.


Gypsum and Insulation Reinforcements

Reinforcements that make foils more tear resistance, gypsum and insulation boards more impact resistant, and jackets for HVAC ducting stronger.


Tire Reinforcements

Ready-to-use reinforcements and liners with outstanding durability that reduce tire weight and rolling resistance.

Air Distribution Systems

Fabric air distribution systems are an innovative alternative to traditional dirty, heavy duct work. Milliken air duct fabric is durable, easy-to-clean, lighter weight, lower cost, and more sanitary than metal duct work.

Roofing Reinforcements

With over three decades in the roofing industry, Milliken offers engineered reinforcements for single ply applications and an innovative fiberglass reinforcement scrim that adds strength and durability to modified bitumen roofing.