Are Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Effective for Organizations?

Can These Philosophies Help Your Organization Achieve Profitable Growth?

Pillar House

Milliken Performance System

The Milliken Performance System promotes the goal of reducing defects, breakdowns, waste, and other abnormalities with “zero” as the expected norm. This “Zero Loss” thinking identifies where to focus your improvement activities to reach a point with zero levels of failure: no off quality, no breakdowns, no delays, no customer complaints, no manufacturing wastes, etc. The system is characterized by a foundation of safety and strategic clarity, which supports the nine pillars' direct activities. Within these pillars reside the core elements of both Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, which are deployed at the appropriate time when processes are stable and ownership at the line level has been established. Working together as one system, these operational excellence components continue to drive Milliken and the clients of Performance Solutions to be lean enterprises. Through this systematic approach of uncovering root causes of less-than-optimized workstreams, our operational excellence consulting clients have achieved an ROI performance of 8 to 1 within 2 years of beginning and implementation. By implementing the Milliken Performance System, you can dramatically improve your operational performance and employee engagement.

System is built to focus on:

  • Improving associates’ skills and knowledge
  • Building trust within the organization
  • Properly leading people
  • Properly managing equipment
  • Developing problem-solving capability
  • Enhancing preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Achieving operational excellence

Six steps of transformation:

  • Visit Milliken for accommodation, education, and demonstration
  • Assess your sites
  • Master plan for alignment
  • Develop plant implementation plans
  • Model within plants
  • Replicate beyond models