United in the Unknown: A Note from Halsey Cook

Over the last six months as we have settled into new work and family routines brought on by the challenges of a global pandemic. However, it is inspiring to hear stories of friends, families, and colleagues stepping up to caring for their communities, adjusting to social distancing requirements, continuing professional responsibilities, and fostering mindful conversations around mental and emotional wellbeing. As cliché as it might be, we are all learning to carry on in this “new normal.”

Associate Collage
No matter the changes and challenges we face, one thing remains: Milliken is committed to supporting our associates, our customers, our suppliers, and our communities—whether in a traditional sense through our portfolio of innovations or by coming together to forge ahead in a spirit of wellbeing, safety, and unity. By coming alongside each other, we strengthen each other. Most importantly, we foster a bond that will help us weather this storm together. 

I recently read Erik Larson’s “The Splendid and the Vile,” a tale of the London Blitz in World War II during Winston Churchill’s first year as Prime Minister. It is a gripping and compelling account of a year of “sheltering in place” as the city was fire-bombed each night. Reading this gave me perspective on our present challenges, but it also gave me an overwhelming respect for Churchill. His leadership helped keep the spirits of the nation positive and selfless as they faced challenges unlike any they had ever experienced. 

This is my hope when the pandemic passes: we will emerge stronger and more resilient than before. Time and again, Milliken strives to positively impact the world around us through our corporate values, and I hope we realize the opportunities to positively impact one another during these difficult times as well. Thank you for the courageous part you play in bolstering Milliken and our local communities. 
-- Halsey Cook, President & CEO of Milliken & Company