Hyperform® HPN®

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Hyperform HPN for polyethylene offers barrier improvements in flexible and rigid applications and improved shrinkage control. Used in blown film nucleation (both high density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)), it provides improved barrier properties and enables downgauging: a key driver in the quest for more sustainable packaging. 

  1. Improvements in crystallization behavior 
  2. Cycle time reductions 
  3. Improved barrier performance

In a Blown Film Application

a lower frost line height and potential cycle time reductions have been observed, leading to better productivity. In blow molded applications, it provides better neck dimensional stability, ovality ratios closer to the ideal, and barrier improvements that allow downgauging in bottles for personal care, nutraceuticals, household and industrial cleaners (HIC) and fuel products.

In injection molding

Hyperform HPN for polyethylene offers cost-efficient dimensional control that is independent of color choice and is particularly useful in HDPE caps and closures. It replaces the need for specialty color masterbatches, process modifications and dedicated molds. Processes are more simple, productive and cost-efficient, while product quality is enhanced.



Normal PE

As the polymer crystallizes from the melt, complex macro-structures known as spherulites form. These are responsible for scattering light and their size and orientation can dictate the polymer’s optical and physical characteristics.

Nucleated PE

To improve clarity and/or physical properties, the size and orientation of the polymer crystals must be controlled. By providing multiple sites for nucleation, nucleating agents affect the kinetics of polymer crystallization and increase the temperature of crystallization, ‘freezing’ the polymer at a higher temperature. These changes can accelerate process cycle time but, if they are imbalanced, they can lead to residual stresses which warp the shape of the final part. Through its high nucleation density and extremely rapid nucleation kinetics, Hyperform HPN enables better control of this process compared to conventional nucleators. Similarly, nucleators can help to orient polymer crystals resulting in increased stiffness. HPN provides the ability to balance improved stiffness with optimal impact performance and low, isotropic shrinkage.


Why choose Hyperform HPN?

Traditional nucleating agents can require high loading levels, which increase costs and make handling more complicated at your plant. They may also be hard to disperse, polymer shrinkage is often anisotropic and quality can vary between batches. With Hyperform HPN performance additives, shrinkage is isotropic, and levels of shrinkage are low. The stiffness/impact balance is frequently improved, as are product aesthetics. Hyperform HPN performance additives have the potential to speed up your processes and are effective at low loading levels, improving the cost-efficiency of the overall formulation.