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EPA Safer Choice-Certified Colorants

Milliken’s Liquitint™ SureChoice colorants qualify for use in Safer Choice-certified products and are listed in the CleanGredients database. EPA Safer Choice products contain active ingredients that are deemed safe for people and the planet.

  • These true-liquid, non-staining colorants offer excellent stability, are easy to process, and deliver deep, bright colors you desire. 

Liquitint™ SureChoice colorants align with Milliken's strategy to offer sustainabile products that improve the world around us.


Liquitint™ SureChoice

These true liquid, non staining colorants offer excellent stability, are easy to process, and can deliver the deep, bright colors you desire. Liquitint™ SureChoice also delivers large color space options with just a small primary set of colorants allowing you to differentiate your products in a wide variety of applications.

Benefits: Liquitint™ SureChoice colorants can minimize staining of hands, hard surfaces, most fabrics, and equipment, even at high color loadings. These colorants can also formulate in both liquid and solid formations, making it easy for application and use.

  • Primary set with large color space options
  • Water soluble
  • Suited to a wide pH range.

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What is EPA Safer Choice?

The Safer Choice label helps consumers and commercial buyers find products that contain ingredients that are safer for human health and the environment without sacrificing quality and performance.

All ingredients in the EPA Safer Choice Program meet the stringent criteria targeted at reducing pollution in our air and waters, promoting healthier aquatic life, reducing contaminants in our food chain, and over-all positively impacting the ecosystem. This aligns with Milliken’s strategic sustainability efforts and purpose; to positively impact the world around us for generations to come.

When a company’s ingredients qualify for use in a Safer Choice product, this is a big deal. There are two ways to obtain the Safer Choice label on your products:

  • Certify your formulation and all the ingredients.
  • Submit a formulation that uses ingredients pre-approved to meet the U.S. EPA’s Safer Choice Standard.

Using pre-approved ingredients reduces the cost to approve final products for the Safer Choice Label.

Products with the Safer Choice label undergo rigorous annual audits to encourage continuous improvement and ensure they maintain EPA's high standards.

As a result, buyers have confidence in these safer ingredient’s products because of the performance testing that is required for a product to earn the Safer Choice label.

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A database called CleanGredients is available for individuals seeking confirmation on whether certain ingredients are pre-approved to meet U.S EPA’s Safer Choice standards. This resource includes chemical ingredients used primarily to formulate residential, institutional, industrial, and janitorial cleaning products.

For direct access to this database, click the link below:

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Les colorants personnalisés Liquitint™ combinent des couleurs dynamiques et une excellente aptitude au traitement pour de multiples applications, dont les produits pour le linge et la maison. Ces colorants hydrosolubles et non tachants sont compatibles avec les ingrédients actifs les plus difficiles, y compris les additifs et les niveaux de parfum les plus élevés.


Liquitint™ Agro

Colorants avancés Liquitint Agro pour engrais. Cette gamme de colorants liquides non tachants propose un large éventail d’options de couleurs avec de faibles exigences de stockage et un mélange facile.


Liquitint™ Winter

Applications : pièces automobiles