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Literature and Videos

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Venous Leg Ulcers: Dressing Application Instructions Home

Tracheostomy Care Home

Sacral Ulcer: Dressing Applications Instructions Home

Macerated Toes: Dressing Application Instructions Home

Dehisced Surgical Wound Home

CoFlex TLC Zinc Application Home

CoFlex TLC Long Stretch Application Home

CoFlex TLC Calamine Application Home

CoFlex TLC Application Home

Active Fluid Management Home

Sports Medicine

Elbow Injury Prevention & Post Injury Stability Home

Finger Post Injury Compression & Support Home

Foot & Arch Injury Prevention Home

Foot & Arch Prevention & Post Injury Home

How to Apply PowerFlex Home

Knee Post Injury Home

Modified Ankle Taping of Spat Ankle Taping Home

Shoulder Injury Prevention & Post Injury Stability Home

Thigh Post Injury Full Leg Hamstring Home

Thigh Post Injury Modified for Hamstring Home

Thigh Post Injury Quadriceps & Rectus Femoris Home

Thumb & Wrist Taping Home

Traditional Ankle Taping Home

Modified Spat Taping Home