Hyperform® HPN® 909ei

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Hyperform® HPN® 909ei

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Formulated with a clean chemistry, Hyperform HPN 909ei is high-performance additive for PP, delivering excellent aesthetics and performance properties, and isotropic shrinkage to avoid warping. 

  1. Enhanced food safety with fewer applicable Specific Migration Limits vs. previous additive
  2. Cleaner, clearer and brighter appearance
  3. Balanced properties to avoid sacrificing impact for stiffness
  4. High heat deflection and crystallization temperature

Designed for use by thermoformers in polypropylene (PP) homopolymers and mini-random, Milliken’s Hyperform® HPN® 909ei performance additive offers improved aesthetics and has been developed using a clean chemistry. It is typically used in drink cups and lids, food packaging and thermoformed trays. For such food-contact applications, it has one SML (Specific Migration Limit) less than the previous-generation product, a fact that is critical as regards European Union regulations. It features an excellent balance of physical properties, and yields products with superior optical properties and an overall cleaner look. This enables end users to substitute highly recyclable PP for other materials in some of their applications.