Hyperform® HPN® 715 for Large-diameter Extruded Pipe

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Hyperform® HPN® 715 for Large-diameter Extruded Pipe

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Already known for providing an excellent balance of physical properties, Hyperform® HPN® 715 performance additive for polypropylene (PP) also can help to enhance key aspects of the resin used in extruded pipe. In particular, when formulated in polypropylene block (PPB) copolymers, it is ideal for use in large-diameter, non-pressure sewage and drainage pipe systems.

Pipes extruded from such PPBs, produced with Hyperform HPN 715, exhibit high stiffness while retaining excellent impact resistance. Resin incorporating Hyperform HPN 715 ensures the highest stiffness possible compared with PP made using other nucleators while also meeting industry standards for those types of large-diameter pipes.

Converters can realize increased productivity rates due to the faster crystallization speeds of PP formulated with Hyperform HPN 715, and it also allows extruders to downgauge pipe thickness to further reduce material costs. The latest generation of PP-HM (higher-modulus) block copolymer polypropylene material made with HPN 715 is ideal for large-diameter pipe applications. The resulting pipes are lightweight, offer high ring stiffness, good sealing properties, and exhibit both rigidity and flexibility.

The material also can resist more than 300 chemicals, and has better frictional resistance than concrete or competitive resins such as HDPE or PVC. These factors combine to yield a long service life (demonstrated by some experimental data to exceed 50 years).