Hyperform® HPN® 500ei

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Hyperform® HPN® 500ei

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Thermoformers and polypropylene (PP) producers can benefit from this high-performance additive that delivers high stiffness and improved optics with less haze and yellowness. 

  1. Higher heat deflection temperature 
  2. Improved stiffness without sacrificing impact
  3. Clean, clear look that can approach PET’s appearance

Hyperform® HPN®-500ei is a high performance additive that provides high stiffness and improved optics to parts thermoformed from the polypropylene (PP) homopolymers that contain it.

PP resin formulated with HPN-500ei yields products such as drink cups and sheet with a reduced yellow look, offering a significantly cleaner, newer appearance that can rival that of PET.

Additionally, it helps to improve the material’s heat deflection temperature.