Sustainability Overview


Our Place In The World Of Tomorrow

At Milliken, we strive to discover new ways to enhance lives and make the world around us easier, safer, and more beautiful.

Sustainability is at the core of Milliken’s philosophy. Whilst we are extremely proud of the environmental responsibility, we have demonstrated throughout our history, we recognise the need for continuous evolution with challenging goals that protect and improve our world.

As a company, we have set a high bar for ourselves by publishing a set of measurable goals for 2025. These include Planet Goals to shrink our footprint, Product Goals to promote circular economies and People Goals to care for our employees and communities.



Milliken & Company is committed to operating our plants and facilities in complete compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and other requirements and to operate in a manner that protects the quality of our environment and the health and safety of our associates and the public.

We are committed to strive for a goal of zero waste generation to all media - land, air, water - to be achieved by continual improvement in all our operations. This goal will guide the conduct of our manufacturing operations, the development of new products, and our interaction with our suppliers and customers. Recycling of materials is an integral part of this on-going effort.


The Milliken family of companies maintains 130,000 acres of sustainably managed forests, capturing carbon dioxide and helping to offset emissions from our global operation. We have a ‘no carpet to landfill’ pledge - our US carpet manufacturing facilities have sent zero waste to landfills since 1992.

Every Milliken facility rigorously follows a REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE methodology.


Our Sustainable Product Strategy Is Guided By Three Principles:


Partnership With Healthy Seas

As a further commitment to the Closed Loop Economy, Milliken has partnered with ‘Healthy Seas, a Journey from Waste to Wear’. Healthy Seas aims to recover discarded fishing nets from the seas and to regenerate them into high-quality ECONYL® yarn, which is subsequently turned into brand-new products such as Milliken carpet.

Recycled Yarns

Milliken now offers over 1000 design options globally using Econyl® 100% regenerated nylon, featuring 50% post-industrial and 50% post-consumer recycled content. Milliken has a number of collections featuring Econyl® yarns. Please refer to product specification sheets for details.

Recycled Backing Materials

Milliken’s innovative cushion backing includes 90% recycled polyurethane, providing a light weight backing solution that is not only environmentally sound but also enhances performance in use. Many Milliken products also contain primary backing materials sourced from recycled materials such as PET bottles.


TractionBack® Adhesive-Free Installation

TractionBack® reduces the raw materials used during installation as well as reducing installation time and cost. Indoor Air Quality is also improved through the elimination of VOC's associated with adhesive.

Optimising Face-Weight For Performance

Milliken ensures that products are not wastefully over-engineered. Products are designed with the optimum face weight for their budgetary and performance requirement.


Cushion Backing

The cushion backing protects the face of the carpet from the effects of wear and in doing so can extend the life of the carpet by up to 40%.

This allows Milliken to offer impressive 15 Year Wear Guarantees on cushion back collections.

Protective Flooring Solutions

Carpet is one of the most abused elements of a building and studies show 90% of dirt can be kept off the flooring with effective entrance matting systems.

Milliken offers a highly effective system of modular matting solutions designed to provide a primary barrier for dirt entering a building. Not only does this keep the carpet clean, it increases its longevity and improves indoor air quality.

DECLARE, EPDS, HPDS, BREs & Other Third-Party Certifications

We believe third-party verification is critical for transparency with sustainable products and practices and we go the extra mile to ensure all of facts are certified by respected experts around the world.

These expert validations include global and regional certifications such as Declare, Environment Product Declarations, ISO certifications, and list of other products and operations-based review.