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Specialty Textiles

Woven into the World Around Us

Milliken manufactures custom-engineered specialty textiles for a variety of markets including woolen specialty, hospitality and restaurants table linens, mattress materials, commercial interiors, speaker fabrics and display fabrics (theater curtains and tradeshow/event wall fabrics).​

Hospitality and restaurants

Decades of research and technology have gone into the making of a line of table linen fabrics, including industry-leading brands such as Signature® Plus fabric, Damask HD™ fabric and Visa® Plus fabric, that sets the standard in the industrial laundry industry. Learn More»

Our ability to uniquely combine chemistry to textile surfaces creates a broad offering of hospitality performance fabrics for top-of-bed applications, window treatments, and accent fabrics. Milliken fabrics are design oriented and meet the needs of industrial laundering performance while being cutting edge in fashion.  In the area of flame resistant (FR) textile application our VISA FR® fabrics meet or exceed the NFPA 701 test, manufactured here in the United States, and delivered under the eyes of skilled technicians that is uniquely Milliken.  For more details call 1.800.532.9451.

Innovarest™ mattress textiles and FR barriers

Paladin® is a full line of flame resistant barrier materials for the mattress and upholstery markets, including high-loft, needled and laminated nonwovens, circular knit FR sleeves and roll goods, FR covers for foam cores, quilting, and polyester batting. Learn More>>

Display fabrics

Milliken's display fabrics benefit from our deep knowledge of flame resistant technologies as well as our long history of textile excellence. Our Encore® theater curtains are a brushed polyester with an exceptionally dense weave that offer superior light blocking properties. These durable and wrinkle-free curtains are also flame retardant. We also offer fabrics suitable for tradeshow and event displays.

Healthcare interiors and products

Milliken also offers fabrics for decorative healthcare interiors that promote health and well-being and can be found in a wide range of applications from privacy curtains, to top-of-bed and window treatment applications. With our long history and research in FR performance, our health care privacy curtain Visa® FR fabrics are guaranteed to pass the NFPA 701 test.  For more details call 1.800.532.9451.
Active Fluid Management® technology is a three part design that combines two layers of high performance fabric using a micro-knit process. This creates a powerful moisture transfer mechanism that pulls away and traps excess exudate. The combination of these fabrics keeps the periwound skin dry, the wound bed moist, and harmful exudate away from a healing wound. Learn More>>​