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ResQ Fire Service

Exceptional FR fabrics that you can trust


Innovation that Saves and Protects​

No matter what call comes in—we’ve got your back. Milliken brings its game-changing innovation and the
brightest minds in textile research to create flame-resistant (FR) fabrics that protect you in a range of harmful and life‑threatening situations, including the immediate threat of fire. As long‑time manufacturers of high-performance military fabrics, we understand what it takes to feel safe no matter what may come your way.
The acquisition of Springfield, LLC brings to Milliken & Company decades of market experience in Fire Services positioning the company as a major player and solution provider to the industry.

Innovated Fabrics for all Sections of the Fire Services Industry

• NFPA 1971
   Structural Firefighters
• NFPA 1977
   Wildland Firefighters
• NFPA 1975
   Station Wear
• NFPA 1951
   Technical Response
• NFPA 1999
   Emergency Medical

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ResQ for Military

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Awareness of cancer clusters
among firefighters has increased
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