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Industrial Textiles

Durable Yet Elegant Solutions for Everyday Products


Milliken manufactures custom-engineered textiles for a variety of industrial markets including automotive (hoses, airbags, interlinings, tires), building and infrastructure products (concrete cloth, geomembranes, and fabric innerduct), reinforcements, industrial products (duct fabrics), and filtration products.​​​​

Automotive Cap Ply

Milliken delivers a wide range of technical textile products to the automotive industry, including tire cap ply, chafer, bead wrap, non-wovens, belts, and hoses. Learn more about MillCap™ cap ply tape>>

MaxCell® Innerduct*

How do you re-wire cities for the 21st century without tearing them apart? MaxCell® innerduct is a flexible fabric innerduct that enables companies to overlay, or run, additional cables into existing cable conduits. Learn More>>

Industrial Reinforcements

Milliken delivers a wide range of industrial reinforcements for the construction industry, including those for roofing, flexduct, wallboard, flooring and signage. In addition, we provide reinforcements for rubber (conveyer belts, print blankets, cords), tapes, and abrasives. Learn More»

Eminus™ Nanofiber Products

Milliken introduces our patented Eminus™ nanofiber products. Eminus™ nanofiber products are high volume webs, containing continuous polymeric nanofiber, with controlled fiber size distribution, engineered depth and pore size. Eminus™ nanofiber products deliver performance advantages, providing design opportunities for your markets and applications. Learn More>>​

Concrete Cloth™ Fabric

Concrete Cloth™ fabric is a three-dimensional fabric impregnated with a specially formulated cement mix.  It can be installed on slopes, in water and in other hard to reach places, with no molds or forms, no mixing, and minimal equipment – making it ideal for many infrastructure applications.   Concrete Cloth™ fabric makes concrete easier and more convenient to use – changing the very way you think about concrete – while maintaining its core structural integrity and strength. Learn More>>

Structural Strengthening Products

​RenewWrap and FireStrong strengthen weak concrete and masonry structures. Simpler installation and fire-rated are just two reasons why engineers and contractors specify Milliken. Learn More>> 

Geopolymer Reinforcing Products

​Whether it’s rehabilitating pipes, culverts or infrastructure, Milliken’s line of geopolymer reinforcing products offer the most cost effective, high-performance, eco-friendly solutions available. Learn More>>

Infrastructure Solutions

Milliken’s has a broad line of contractor-friendly solutions that extend infrastructure life and lower total cost of ownership all while being gentle to the environment. Learn More>>

Vis™ Divide and Vis™ Tape

Vis Divide is an innovation in conduit that provides added efficiency and a lower system cost. Vis Divide is a rigid HDPE conduit that contains a fabric liner that creates dedicated pathways to allow the placement of multiple cables in a single conduit. Vis Tape is a powerful new pull tape that offers unmatched levels of accuracy, legibility, softness and durability.

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* MaxCell® is a registered trademark of TVC Communications, a division of WESCO Distribution, Inc.


CrystalFlex™ Fabric

Milliken’s Crystalflex™ fabric is a uniquely engineered knit suspension fabric designed specifically for use in aircraft seating support diaphragms.  It has remained the industry standard since its debut in 1996.  Over the past two decades it has enabled the continual evolution of aircraft seat system design towards maximizing passenger comfort and reducing weight and fuel costs, while optimizing seat system and assembly economics. Crystalflex fabric is lightweight, flame retardant, high-strength, breathable, recyclable, reliable, durable and proven. Learn More>>