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Composites are increasingly sought out for their unique combination of high strength, low density and fatigue resistance. Milliken is leading the way in creating the next generation of composites across fabrics and textiles.​​

MilliCap™ cap ply tape

MilliCap™ cap ply tape, polyamide and aramid woven and knitted, is used to control the position of steel belts in tires at high speeds and is already being used by tire manufacturers to save resources during processing and in-market usage. Learn More»

Tegris® ballistic protection

Tegris® ballistic protection can be used to make rigid sheets and/or formed into articles, yielding products that have a high stiffness-to-weight ratio and high impact resistances, even at low temperatures. Learn More»

Mechanical Rubber Goods (MRG)

Milliken develops and manufactures reinforcement material for innovative new rubber applications with a wide range of fabrics used for MRG (Mechanical Rubber Goods) applications to reinforce hoses, diaphragms, seals, bicycle tires, power transmission belts, fuel cells, breakers, cords and other rubber products. Learn More»

Eminus™ nanofiber products

​Milliken & Company introduces our patented Eminus™ nanofiber products. Eminus™ nanofiber products are high volume webs, containing continuous polymeric nanofiber, with controlled fiber size distribution, engineered depth and pore size. Eminus™ nanofiber products deliver performance advantages, providing design opportunities for your markets and applications. Learn More>>

Concrete Cloth™ fabric

​Concrete Cloth™ fabric is a three-dimensional fabric impregnated with a specially formulated cement mix.  It can be installed on slopes, in water and in other hard to reach places, with no molds or forms, no mixing, and minimal equipment – making it ideal for many infrastructure applications.   Concrete Cloth™ fabric makes concrete easier and more convenient to use – changing the very way you think about concrete – while maintaining its core structural integrity and strength. Learn More>>​