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Westex ShieldCXP™

The Next Generation in Flame-Resistant Protective Lab Wear


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​Inadvertent Chemical Splash & Flame Resistant Fabric

Milliken’s team of innovators developed a groundbreaking inadvertent chemical splash technology that has led to the first-ever flame resistant and incidental chemical splash resistant fabric.

Inadvertent chemical splash resistance is necessary for workers that may be exposed to small quantities of liquid chemicals and/or solvents at atmospheric pressures, such as:

  • ∙ corrosive liquids
    ∙ toxic liquids
    ∙ absorption and ignition of flammable liquids

Westex ShieldCXP™ combines Milliken’s innovative expertise, state-of-the-art FR protection, and patented softening technology with 100% DuPont™ Nomex® IIIA fibers to provide superior comfort, chemical splash resistance and flame resistance - all in one fabric. Westex® ShieldCXP™ is designed to shed chemicals when they are dropped or splashed onto the fabric and to resist these chemicals from wicking through the fabric to the wearer.

  • ∙ NFPA 2112 Certified
    ∙ Inadvertant Chemical Splash Resistant​
    ∙​ Highly breathability for excellent comfort

​Westex ShieldCXP™ is designed to be a comfortable secondary chemical protection layer, shedding liquids following a splash onto the garment, thus limiting the exposure to the wearer. These conditions, where personnel may come in contact with small amounts of chemicals are experienced in a range of environments including, but not limited to: educational laboratories, light industrial and service industries.


Performance Rating using the AATCC 193 Test Method

A modified AATCC 193 test method is used to quantify the chemical splash resistance. This method uses an A through D rating scale to rate the interaction of water and water/alcohol mixtures with the fabric surface. In the test, the fabric is held on a flat surface and the test droplet is placed on the fabric. A rating is assigned after 10 seconds. An “A” rating corresponds to no interaction with the fabric while a “D” rating designates complete wicking of the solvent across and through the fabric. Ratings “B” and “C” are intermediate designations. The image below shows examples of each rating.

“A” and “B” ratings indicate that the fabric would possess a resistance to penetration following inadvertent chemical splash.​

There are countless liquid chemicals and combinations thereof that could be tested and rated according to the AATCC 193 test method. A finite list of challenge chemicals was selected, including those from the ASTM F1001-12 method. These challenge chemicals are designed to represent a broad range of chemical classes, hazards, and physical characteristics, and although they have been tested, do not represent a complete list of chemicals that are used in a laboratory environment.

The following ratings were recorded:

Chemical exposure may affect future chemical and flame resistant properties. Careful consideration should be taken to replace the effected garment in accordance with the user’s standard safety protocol. For other chemical and chemical combinations it is recommended that, before use, a challenge droplet be applied to the fabric and rated according the AATCC 193 test method in a controlled manner.

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These fabrics are innovative, flame and inadvertent chemical splash resistant materials intended to be used in garments that supplement personal protective equipment. The materials are engineered to self-extinguish when the source of ignition is removed and to repel small quantities of liquids following a splash from a wide variety of liquids onto the garment, thus limiting the exposure to the wearer.  They may be used as a layer of, but are not intended for use as the primary protection in, firefighting garments or other products subject to repeated or extended exposure to heat or flame (unless explicitly certified in writing to meet the relevant regulations for use in such firefighting garments).  This material is not intended for primary protection against large amounts of liquid chemicals, toxic or corrosive gases, and/or chemical mixtures under pressure.  As each customer’s use of our product may be different, information provided, including without limitation, recommendations, test results, samples, care/labeling/processing instructions or marketing advice, is given in good faith but without warranty and without accepting any responsibility/liability. All sales are exclusively subject to our standard terms of sale posted at (all additional/different terms are rejected) unless explicitly agreed otherwise in a signed writing.

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