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Westex ShieldCXP™

Inadvertent Chemical Splash Resistance through 50 Industrial Launderings

Wash Durability

Westex ShieldCXP™ provides inadvertent chemical splash resistance through 50 industrial launderings.

 • To a range of chemicals including Ethanol, DMSO and Acetonitrile*
 • Using AATCC 193 test methodology laundering wash performed using 120o, 140o, NFPA 2112 150o methods
 • Samples were withdrawn every 10 launderings

Test Results

• Performance of the fabric relies on proper laundering
• Care and maintenance laundering guidelines are available at
• For best durability and appearance 140oF wash temperature recommended


Important to note: that chemical exposure may affect future chemical resistant properties. Careful consideration should be taken to replace the effected garment in accordance with the user’s standard safety protocol.