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Specialty Chemical Manufacturing


Our specialty chemicals help to build a better world, one molecule at a time.


Milliken manufactures innovative specialty chemical additives and colorants that help create value for companies by improving performance, appearance, productivity and costs.   Milliken provides specialty chemical manufacturing for a wide range of industries Visit the Milliken Chemical website>>​

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Make Plastics Faster, Stronger, Better

With Hyperform® polymer additives, polypropylene becomes more appealing to use.  Hyperform® polymer additives are additives that enables faster production, produces better part quality and enables manufacturers to use less material. Learn More»

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Manufacturers See Clearly Now

Millad® clarifying agents are high-performance additives that enable manufacturers to use polypropylene in ways never before possible. Millad® clarifying agents enable breakthrough packaging innovation by providing a unique combination of clarity, moisture barrier, lower weight, chemical resistance and cost. Learn More»

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Specialty Chemical Polymers Color Your World

Milliken offers many types of colorants based on our long expertise with polymer-bound chemistry, including non-staining, water-soluble colorants for household cleaners, fugitive tints for textiles, reactive colorants for polyurethane and other thermoset resins, transparent colorants for polypropylene, turf application colorants and non-staining washable creative colorants for markers and other art products. Learn More»

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