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Our University Campus Recruiting Process

Milliken & Company focuses its recruiting efforts at targeted colleges and universities. We work closely with career centers and academic departments and participate in:
  • Career Fairs
  • Campus Interviews
  • Relevant college relations activities such as visiting classrooms to discuss our company and job opportunities
Our campus interviews are coordinated through the career center. At the completion of the interview, you will be asked to go to our career site on the web and register in our system.
Depending on our hiring needs, entry level management positions can be available at many of our locations. If an opening exists, a Human Resource Manager at the hiring location will contact a student directly and invite him/her to a site visit. This visit can involve an overnight visit, dinner with Milliken associates, and a full day of interviews at the site. All travel expenses are paid by Milliken. The location management team determines if an offer will be extended. The student will be contacted by the Human Resource Manager at which time questions are answered regarding the offer and the next steps.
All interested students are encouraged to register through our Milliken career site and submit an application by applying here.

Some of the career opportunities at Milliken include:

     ​• Engineering Services
     ​• Human Resources
​     • Research & Development
​     • Summer Internships
​     • Marketing & Sales
​     • Finance
​     • Supply Chain
​     • Cooperative Education
​     • Product & Process Improvement
​     • Information Services