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Responsible Sourcing at Milliken

Responsible Sourcing

Working with Our Suppliers for a Better World

​The Milliken group of companies is committed to treating our suppliers, customers, communities and environments with the highest level of integrity and respect.

That commitment is reflected in our strong supply-chain relationships, high-quality products, employee welfare, community reputation and minimal environmental impact. As socially responsible companies, we believe that our supplier partners should share this commitment.
Milliken acknowledges and respects the differences in culture and legal requirements throughout our global supply-chain. Nevertheless, we require more than supplies and services that are produced or performed in strict compliance with all applicable laws – we require supplies and services that are also produced or performed in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner.
Milliken is very proud of its own internal Code of Conduct, and we require that all of our employees reconfirm their compliance with our Code on an annual basis. Similarly, we expect our suppliers to uphold the ethical business principles of our Supplier Code of Conduct and the highest, applicable international standards.
Acting with integrity is important in all business dealings and provides the foundation for strong business and economic relationships between our organization and its suppliers.