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Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products That Do Good

"Goodness is the only investment that never fails." – Henry David Thoreau

 Products That Do Good


While innovation is at the heart of our daily activities, its power is in its purpose — high ethical standards, market leadership and products that do good for the world.​​

  •  Workwear

    Westex by Milliken: FR fabrics for the millions of industrial workers who need protection from arc flash, flash fire and other thermal hazards.

  •  Automotive

    MillCap™ cap ply tape: Tire reinforcing material that reduces fuel consumption wasted by rolling resistance; also helps manufacturers reduce the amount of rubber and energy needed to produce a tire.

  •  Housewares

    Millad® clarifying agent: Enables polypropylene, a less earth-intensive plastic, to approach the clarity of glass in durable, reusable, recyclable containers.

  •  Floor Covering

    TractionBack® carpet backing: High-friction coating that eliminates adhesives as well the need to prime or seal floor before installation, improving indoor air quality and reducing harmful VOCs and off-gassing to a minimum. Milliken is a Sustainable Carpet Company.

  •  Military

    ResQ® FR fabric : Next-generation, ultra high-performance flame-resistant fabric that cuts predicted body burn by half compared to current FR fabric. Made without ammonia.




 Safer Mattresses

Paladin FR® materials for mattresses and upholstery. Learn More>>


 Landfill Gas Program
We receive more than 80% of harvested methane from the LaGrange, GA landfill, which has enabled us to replace boiler fuel at our plant there. And we're doing the same at our Dewey Plant in Inman, SC.