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Supply Chain Disclosure

Milliken's commitment to transparency in our supply chain

Cal. Civ. Code § 1714.43

Milliken is committed to treating our suppliers, customers, communities and environments with the highest level of integrity and respect.  That commitment is reflected in our strong supply-chain relationships, high-quality products, employee welfare, community reputation and minimal environmental impact.  As a socially responsible family of companies, we believe that our supplier partners should share this commitment.
Milliken is very proud of its own internal Code of Conduct, and we require that all of our employees reconfirm their compliance with our Code on an annual basis.  Similarly, we expect our suppliers to uphold the ethical business principles of our Supplier Code of Conduct (or their own code if it is substantially similar) and the highest, applicable international standards.
Our Supplier Code of Conduct prohibits child, forced or involuntary labor of any type (including forced, bonded, indentured or involuntary prison labor).  Employment must be voluntary.  Milliken reserves the right to terminate its relationship with any supplier who refuses to comply with the ethical principles of our Supplier Code of Conduct.
As part of our global procurement process, Milliken evaluates our supply chain for risk, including human rights and labor risks such as child, forced or involuntary labor.  As appropriate, Milliken may audit our suppliers.  Given the nature of Milliken’s business and the high quality of our suppliers, we do not typically utilize third party auditors to audit suppliers.  Milliken’s third-party, anonymous (if allowed by the laws of the caller’s country) Alert Line hotline is available to all Milliken employees as well as our suppliers.  All are encouraged to report any violation of the Supplier Code of Conduct to Milliken’s management or via the Alert Line.
All Milliken employees undergo annual training on our Code of Conduct.  Selected training is available to certain of our suppliers as well.
Further information on Milliken’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is provided on Our Values and Sustainability web pages.



Modern Slavery Act

We are proud of the steps we have taken to combat slavery and human trafficking. We have a strong commitment to ethical practices and are proud of our values embedded in our code of conduct. We have been awarded the World’s Most Ethical Company award by Ethisphere for the last consecutive 12 years. You can read our modern slavery statements from this year and last year below, along with a legal update on the topic.