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Research – Fabrics, Textiles, Chemicals

​Our approach to innovation is driven by a strong sense of purpose. Every day in everything we do, we refuse to settle for what's accepted. We work passionately to do good in the world and to solve the world's problems at a human level.

Intersection of Technology and Industry

Our expansive team of researchers, engineers and technicians form the hub of discovery at Milliken. From its first kitchen lab in a humble brick bungalow in Clemson, South Carolina in 1945 to its permanent quarters in Spartanburg, SC, our research organization has grown and flourished.

Today it's one of the largest textile research facilities in the world. But while the lab's size has changed significantly, its focus remains the same: take a fresh approach to solving problems.

Equipped for Innovation – setting the future

Staying at the forefront of materials science research and development not only requires the best minds and talents. It requires the best equipment, too. Our testing and analysis facilities span the gamut from microscopy and analytical equipment to pyrotechnic and physical testing facilities. Learn More>>
This means our community of inquisitive and insightful innovators can invent, test, research and create as they see fit, while our status as a privately owned company offers them the intellectual and creative freedom to think about the future of textiles, fabrics and chemicals.

Milliken is Everywhere

Milliken has one of the largest collections of U.S. patents held by a private U.S. company with more than 2,200 acquired to date.