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Milliken Graduate Research Symposium

Details and Application

Milliken Research Corporate Announces the Fifth Annual Milliken Graduate Research Symposium

When: April 19-21, 2017 

Where: Roger Milliken Center, Spartanburg, South Carolina

What: This symposium offers a unique opportunity for students to interact with leading industrial researchers in their working environment. Student presenters selected will enjoy:
   • All expenses paid (transportation, meals, and lodging)
   • Opportunity to present to a diverse audience of research and development personnel
   • Roundtable discussions with management and researchers
   • A $1000 honorarium
   • Tours to Milliken's Innovation Gallery and our lab facilities.
   • Networking with fellow presenters

Who Should Apply: Successful Doctoral students who have demonstrated excellence during their studies through publications, presentations, academic achievements, and awards.  These graduates should expect to defend after December 2017 in:
   • Chemistry
   • Chemical Engineering
   • Materials Science
   • Polymer Science
   • Physics
   • Electrical Engineering
   • Mechanical Engineering
   • Related field of study

How to Apply: To apply for the symposium, click here. You will need to provide the following information:
   • A full Curriculum Vitae with all publications and presentations listed
   • A brief (<250 words) statement explaining why you have entered your chosen field of study or research 
      and your vision for you career path
   • Two to three letters of recommendation (Those providing recommendations can send their letters directly to Please click the link to download the recommendation letter template).
   • One page statement of research

Applications, including reference letters, must be submitted by 5PM EST, January 31, 2017 click

Graduate Research Symposium presenters have averaged, at the time of application, 5 publications,
8 conference presentations, and 1-2 fellowships including:
​Total Number ​  Item
​251 ​  Conference or trade show Presentations
188​ ​  Peer-reviewed Publications
​96 ​  First-Author Publications
​55 ​  Fellowships
​12 ​  NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
​4 ​  Barry M. Goldwater Scholars
​3 ​  Science Publications
​2 ​  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Publications

​​"This symposium is an absolutely unique experience to peek behind the veil of corporate research and an opportunity that is not to be missed.  It certainly provided a fresh perspective on the kind of impact that motivated, intelligent people can have outside of an academic setting. As someone exiting the academy, I have already recommended the program to like-minded people in my department who will finishing their program over the next year or so."
Nathan Mahynski

Every part of the experience was beneficial to me and will help me build my career."
Katrina Knauer
“Benchmarking the Milliken GRS against the industrial internships and industry sponsored symposia I have previously attended, the Milliken symposium exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality of the research presented by my peers and the quality of life Ph.D. level employees have at the company.”
Joshua Fishman
“…provides the chance to learn more about the way that industrial research operates as well as the value of building contacts and relationships within a successful research industry.”
Robert Sharpe